About Me

Twist of nature got its name because I love to incorporate nature in all that I do. Paper/Wood/Coconut/shells/silver/leaves..etc. I also handpaint/draw anything with an image. I seal my work with Diamond Glaze/ModPodge/Resin. Some of my favorite mediums to work with are resin, paper (sometimes mache) and sculpey.Enjoy! Lauren

Sunday, September 26, 2010


 My first pair of hammered sterling silver earrings. Sterling silver hooks with greenish/red beads. Long and slender, very shiny!


This is a sterling silver hook earring with jade beads at the bottom...the sterling silver hook is slightly hammered

Crystal Blue/Amber color $20

These earrings are sterling silver hooks with crystals, hand crafted. Blue/Amber and silver spacers between...

Friday, September 10, 2010

More Paper Works!

Paper tile earrings! Hand drawn/ painted and then glazed. VERY LIGHT WEIGHT... Endless possibilities when it comes to decorating paper jewelry...

Paper works

These are my paper leaves that can be in any color or print. They resemble leather and they are very light weight.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Handpainted round box.

This is a daisy, hand painted on the top of the box to match the earrings!! Can be ordered separately from the earrings or together.

Handpainted Shell Earrings, sterling silver hooks

Daisy Earrings

Top of box

Hand painted box to match the earrings. I glazed the over it to seal the paint and added rhinestones to dazzle it up a bit~! The box can be ordered separately or with the earrings.

Shell Earrings

Hand Painted Shell Earrings, with rhinestones in the center, sterling silver wire.